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Drug & Alcohol Testing.

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Since 1989, the doctors and staff of Secure Results have had direct employer contact in investigating and responding to their drug testing needs. This combined experience translates into a more comprehensive and effective investigative approach when problems are encountered on the collection front: real experience, real solutions.
    • Easy access to test results – Secured website, FAX, E-mail, U.S. mail and telephone results reporting.
    • Client Services – Personalized service with competitive pricing. We also provide on-site collections which saves time and resources for employee testing.
    • Employer Reporting – Online MIS reports and computer-generated random selections.
    • Department of Transportation (DOT) Part 40 – We provide all DOT mandated services, including membership in random testing consortiums, SAP referrals and 24/7 emergency services.
    • MRO Services for Employers, Third Party Administrators (TPA), Clinics and Hospitals. Results are received electronically from SAMHSA-certified laboratories and analyzed by the Medical Review Officer.
    • Drug Testing Policy and Implementation – Written Drug-Free Workplace policies customized for your company as well as implementation assistance.
    • Supervisor Training – Drug and alcohol use prevention training is available either on site or via the web.
    • Rapid Testing Products – Secure Results provides a wide range of test kits for urine, hair, and saliva. Please call our Customer Service Department  to assist you with selecting the best product and price for your testing requirements at 1-877-340-6101
    • Expert Medical Testimony – Relating to drug test results, post-accident and random selections.

Collection / Testing Locations

With over 8,000 locations to choose from, Secure Results can locate proximal collection sites from your business providing shorter distances for your employees to travel.

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Whether you are a seasoned employer with a well-established drug testing program or a company just starting your first drug and alcohol program, Secure Results can provide the MRO services to meet all of your company’s needs.

  • Workplace Testing
  • Personal Testing
  • Court Order Tests
  • On-Site Testing

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