The Role of a Medical Review Officer (MRO)

A Medical Review Officer, or MRO, is a licensed physician who has the specific training and skills to monitor, review, and analyze drug tests. The services provided by a Medical Review Officer ensure accuracy and impartiality, since this professional will evaluate laboratory results, analyze them and confirm their accuracy with integrity and objectivity.

The Services offered by a Medical Review Officer ensure accurate results due to the fact that this professional has the capability to review the drug testing processes and verify their security; the MRO has the skills needed to determine if a drug testing process has been adulterated or if the results are invalid.

Medical Review Officer Services at Secure Results

Our Medical Review Officer Services include SAMHSA certified labs, DOT testing and non DOT testing, computer generated random selections, and policy development and assistance. We provide MRO services to hospitals, clinics, employers, and TPAs (Third Party Administrators).

We report results through a variety of media, depending on the client’s preferences: by fax, telephone, e-mail, U.S. mail, or our secure website. These results are received electronically from certified SAMHSA labs and only reported to the client through the media he has chosen; confidentiality is an important concern for us.

Also, if you need a rapid drug testing solution, we sell a variety of products which might suit your needs, such as multi-panel integrated cups, saliva alcohol test strips, and drug test cards.