The Importance of Employee Drug Testing

Whether it is a prospective employees’ screening or a current employees’ drug testing, doing this can be a wise option for several reasons. To start with, pre-employment drug testing can discourage drug abusers from the beginning. Also, employees’ drug abuse can end up causing money losses to the business due to factors such as reduced productivity and damaged equipment, and therefore having a drug testing policy can prevent these kinds of problems.

Secure offers a complete service for employee drug testing, monitored by an MRO professional, making sure the test and the results are secure and reliable, and taking care of all the aspects and variables that are part of the process.

Consortium Management and Random Selection

From Consortium Management to Random selection, all the drug testing services you might need can be found at Secure Random selection, utilizing computerized random selections, can be a very efficient way to screen a workforce and apply a drug testing policy within a work environment.

This method can reduce costs, since only a proportion of employees are selected, but is also effective as a detection and prevention methodology. The way in which the persons are randomly chosen has to be done very carefully in order to avoid leading to controversy about if a person was really randomly chosen or was targeted on purpose.