Why do background checks?

Background checks can prevent an employer from having to go through surprises as well as from losing a “negligent hiring??? law suit. According to statistics, about 72% of “negligent hiring” suits are lost by employers, and courts tell them they should have had more information about the employee. It is the employer’s responsibility to have all the necessary information about the prospective employees or applicants.

Also, according to statistics, between 30% and 40% of all job applications an employer might receive would have false or distorted facts. Therefore, the more thoroughly an employer analyzes the background of his applicants the less time he might lose and the fewer problems he might have to face in the future. This is why background checks can be very important at the time of analyzing prospective employees.

How to do a background screening

Secure Results offers background screening or checking services which allow employers to have a thorough analysis of the applicant’s background and greatly reduces the chance of surprises from appearing in the future. Also, this would be helpful in case of having to go through a “negligent hiring” lawsuit since it will allow the employer to demonstrate that he did as much as he could to check on the employee’s background.

Our background screening services include: 24/7 ordering, 100% real time and in person court verifications, the checks are monitored by a NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners) member, 100% compliance with all Federal and State laws, and fast results.